Plant Safety in 5 minutes

Do you know what is classified as “Plant” your workplace?  Do you know how to manage the Plant, Machinery and Equipment in your workplace?

Our current legislation, Work Health and Safety Act 2011 says, that any item that you provide your employees to undertake work at your worksite, can be classified as a “Plant”.

So, what are the 5 major things to remember?

  1. Check the definition of Plant in the legislation (provided below) and list what Plant does your company possess?
  2. Tools and Equipment can be broken in to two categories, hand held or all others,
  3. Whilst hand held, manually operated equipment are exempt from the Health and Safety Regulations 2011, for all other Plant, do you have:
    • A risk assessment
    • A standard operating procedure
    • A plant registers where this plant is registered/listed
    • A maintenance schedule if required
    • Testing and tagging if required.
  4. Training and appropriate PPE for all your employees.
  5. Adequate guarding for machinery and appropriate signage.

Do you have Registrable Plant in your workplace?  The legislation is prescriptive on how to manage each “Registrable Plant” in your workplace.

If you need any assistance in determining your responsibilities and obligations, call us. We don’t bite and we don’t charge for simple phone advice!


Definition of Plant as per Work Health and Safety Act 2011:

plant includes—

(a) any machinery, equipment, appliance, container, implement and tool; and (b) any component of any of those things; and  (c) anything fitted or connected to any of those things.plant-safety-photo-600


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