Fire Safety compliance in 5 minutes

Fire Safety is an integral part of any business.  Our current health and safety legislation requires us to manage emergencies.  Our current Fire Safety legislation requires us to manage all hazards associated with fire.

We need to address two areas:

The first is the preparation of an emergency plan in case if fire and the second relates to your fire wardens and fire safety installations.

As per the Health and Safety legislation you must:

  1. Ensure that an emergency management procedure relevant to the size and type of your business is available,
  2. Information and training relevant to all emergency plans and equipment is to be provided to all workers,
  3. Ensure that all plans remain current and viable,
  4. Ensure that an effective emergency response and evacuation procedures are in place,
  5. Ensure that adequate testing of the emergency procedures, including the frequency of testing is addressed.

With your Fire Wardens and Fire Safety Installations, you must:

  1. Make sure that an adequate system, relevant to your business is in place,
  2. That you can get assistance from emergency services if required,
  3. That you have completed adequate training for relevant employees and tested the fire safety installations periodically for effectiveness.

You will need registers, maintenance schedules, log books, testing and tagging logs and training records.

Remember if you and your business are in Queensland, you must also comply with the Building Fire Safety Regulations.

If you need any assistance in determining your responsibilities and obligations, call us. We don’t bite and we don’t charge for simple phone advice!

Fire safety Compliance

Fire Safety compliance


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