Incident Investigations in 5 minutes

Accidents or incidents are an unplanned event or events that cause injury, illness, damage or loss.  Our current legislation requires us to manage certain incidents in a specific manner.  This includes some that require notification to our regulators, also known as the Division of Workplace Health and Safety in Queensland.

The incidents that require further investigation and notification are called “Notifiable incidents”.  As per our current legislation they include:

  • (a) the death of a person; or
  • (b) a serious injury or illness of a person; or
  • (c) a dangerous incident.

Further information on what classifies as serious injury or illness and dangerous incident is also available in our current legislation. A complete process on how you should notify the division is also clearly outlined.

Did you know that as an owner of the business, it is your responsibility to notify the Division of Health and Safety in a timely manner?  Failure to notify can result in monetary fines and can lead to prosecutions.

Every workplace, regardless of size, must have a system to register, analyse and review all incidents and accidents.  The level of risk assessment undertaken should reflect the severity of the incident or accident (apart from those that are specifically stipulated in the legislation).

When undertaking investigations it is important to:

  •                 Determine the contributory cause of incident
  •                 Identify hazards, unsafe work practices and unsafe working conditions,
  •                 Collate accurate and unbiased data.

Sometimes you may also be required to preserve the accident site.

Other questions you may want to ask yourself include:

  • Do you use an incident register?
  • Do you investigate all relevant incidents?
  • Do you review your processes and train your staff members based on these investigations?


If you need any assistance in determining your responsibilities and obligations, call us. We don’t bite and we don’t charge for simple phone advice!

Incident investigations

Incident investigations


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