Office Safety compliance in 5 minutes

Office Safety

Office Safety

We usually consider the office environment to be the lowest risk environment in most workplaces.  The evidence proves otherwise with many accidents and injuries occurring while employees are working in this so-called low-risk environment.  It is a perception, rather misconception that offices are no risk environment.

The common injuries and accidents that occur involve slips, trips and falls, back injuries, headaches and fatigue.

As per the Health and Safety legislation you must make sure you have addressed the hazards in the following topics in your work environment:

  1. Housekeeping – Office area and amenities,
  2. Storage areas,
  3. Stairs and walkways;
  4. Equipment and machinery,
  5. Work environment in general including location, times of work, breaks and facilities and amenities.

In order to comply and thereby minimize the risk of accident, you must provide:

  1. A safe workplace;
  2. Safe access to and from your workplace,
  3. Safe plant, equipment, machinery and furniture,
  4. Adequate supervision and
  5. Adequate training.

You will need equipment registers, maintenance schedules, log books, testing and tagging logs and training records for all the equipment and relevant pieces of machinery used in the offices. By way of clarification, even a photocopier, printer or the office vacuum cleaner is classed as machinery and equipment.

If you need any assistance in determining your responsibilities and obligations, call us. We don’t bite and we don’t charge for simple phone advice!


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