Machinery, drug abuse and a lost future

The real price of ice!

The real price of ice!

We read that this worker is a meth user. He turned up on the job with a very distorted sense of realty and couldn’t see his hand for the piece of timber he has cutting. Obviously, a circular saw set to cut through a piece of 140×45 timber is not going to balk at a little flesh and bone.

The images are very confronting but I don’t apologize for posting them. Users need to understand that they are only bulletproof heroes in their own mind.

No doubt surgeons worked tirelessly to restore what functionality they could, but that hand will never be what it was. Nor will the owner’s future.

Unfortunately, substance abuse in the workplace is very common. As an employer, you need to be very observant and aware of the risk.

methamphetamine - a lifetime of regret on the way?

methamphetamine – a lifetime of regret on the way?

There can be no doubting that a claim of some sort will be tried against the employer. A ‘smart’ lawyer will possibly argue that a reasonable person would have realized that the ‘victim’ was incapable of operating machinery that day.

Remember, we live in a ‘nanny’ state where accepting responsibility for our own actions is becoming optional.


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