Drug testing faces new challenge from fake urine!

Synthetic urine and fake penises are readily available online

Synthetic urine and fake penises are readily available online

As recreational drug usage escalates, so does mandatory drug testing in the workplace. No-one needs to be told that a drug (including alcohol) affected worker is a risk to all other employees on any site. In fact, recent workplace assaults by ‘ice’ users shows that even the most sedentary workplaces can’t ignore the risk. Even if there is no accident or incident, there is the economic cost of presenteeism.

Just as beta blockers have been used to cover steroid abuse, users will always look for a way to avoid detection. This kit is just another of those ways. Readily available online, users at risk of detection can purchase sachets of synthetic urine that is, of course, pristine.  In situations where the user may be observed, they can even use a prosthetic penis to squirt the synthetic urine through!

Drug abuse is a challenge every employer must face. We can educate and encourage, but we can’t eliminate the risk.



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