We offer a comprehensive range of Health and Safety audits including:

  1. AS 4801, AS 4804, AS 18001, AS 14001, AS 9001,
  2.  Contractor management,
  3. Emergency management,
  4.  Fire Safety,
  5. Electrical Safety,
  6. Confined Space and Work at Heights,
  7. Individual topics such as Noise, Ladders, Chemicals, Due Diligence,
  8. Environmental and Quality systems audit.

Audits are undertaken for a range of purpose.

We can assist with your Internal audits that allows you to assess your compliance and achieve a bench mark on any given health and safety topic.  It is our observation that internal staff members open up much more easily to a third party auditor on some occasions. thus providing some vital internal knowledge.

We can assist with your external audits either by the way of assisting in preparation for auditors for accreditation for regulatory requirement.

We also possess experience in third party auditing, we can conduct third party audits on your behalf to ascertain compliance of any partners you may want to associate with.